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Be part of our 2nd edition of the SAP Inside Track Walldorf, your local grassroots community organized event where SAP Community Network members come together to share knowledge, expertise and network.

The Learn, Hack & Play day on Friday deals with IoT and will allow you to experiment with the technology.
Pre-Event on Thursday: Depending on interest, we are going to arrange a dinner. More to come
Evening Event on Friday: Winter BBQ at SAP Headquarter with Beer, Wine and networking
On Saturday: Full-blown SAP Inside Track

Check out HERE the detailed WIKI

Learn, Hack & Play Day on Friday, January 13, 2017 #SAPLearnHackPlay

Check-In 8:00 AM / Sessions Start 9 AM / Closing session 5 PM / BBQ Party 6 PM

On Friday we will have Learn, Hack & Play-Day. We will start with a bar camp-style ideation session, to build teams and to decide on a small scale IoT project to work on. During the day, different speakers offer intro sessions from SAP D-Shop (“Developer’s Heaven"), ideation and idea visualization. We will have a Sketching for IT session, which helps every attendee to easier draw a summary of ideas and market it to the right people. The whole Friday gives you time to work on your projects in groups (or alone) you can play around with technology and gadgets from SAP D-Shop or just mingle with your colleagues. At 4:30 PM we expect a Keynote around IoT, and starting from 5pm, teams present their prototypes, both what the original idea was, and what you achieved on this day. A jury evaluates the projects. Party & (Winter) BBQ starts around ~6pm.
If you're interested to join, please make your obligatory registration, using our registration apps below.
You'll have to hurry though, because there are only 0 seats left!
The mentioned pre-evening event is a dinner on Thursday, the post-evening event is the Friday evening party with Winter BBQ.(both on own costs)

These guides should help participants for prepare for the SAP Learn, Hack & Play Day. Tutorial1 || Tutorial2

Propose your IoT Project || Check here for More Information

SAP Inside Track on Saturday, January 14, 2017 #sitWDF

Check-In 8:00 AM / Sessions Start 9 AM / Closing Networking Session 5 PM

We're happy to have you with us at #sitWDF on Saturday. If you're interested to join, please make your obligatory registration, using our registration apps below.
You'll have to hurry though, because there are only 0 seats left!
The mentioned pre-evening is the Friday party with Winter BBQ, there will be no post-evening evening on Saturday.

Check here for More Information

Kids Track #sitKids on Saturday, January 14,2017

Check-In 8:00 AM / Sessions Start 9 AM /Closing Networking Session (together with Adults) 4:30 PM

Inclusion and Diversity is more important than ever! If you are going to spend your weekend with us, why don’t you bring your family?
With #SitKids we would like to make a big step towards diversity and inclusion! We would like to create a colorful, diverse #sitKids where we give youngsters the chance to develop their technical understanding and skills, learn to work in groups with like-minded or different kids, while the adults join the regular SAP Inside track. We want to encourage kids to use their tecchi ability for relevant projects and not just to play around with their cellphone. Why should kids code? Code is one of the world’s most widely used languages, connected devices are already reshaping our world, kids learn better and faster when they’re young, Coding helps children to develop critical thinking skills and problem solving processes that are not only important in computer science, but also in life.… The list is long!
On this day we will have several work stations with following technologies:
* Makey Makey : (we have 2 sets). No previous knowledge required. Turn everyday objects into a “keyboard”. See video here. Always a winner with young kids. Look up the banana piano
* littleBits: Small electronic components that snap together with magnets. Only require basic knowledge of electronics and computing. Even has a module that connects to the Cloud.
* Lego Mindstorms: We have the EV3 kit. Build robots, program them, etc. You will need to have played with it a little before explaining it to kids.
* mBot Robot: Same category as Lego Mindstorms. Easy to build robot, can be programmed using the simple graphical Scratch language. Also good to come to the event with a bit of practice.
No worries regarding language! We will cover both, English and German!
After you have registered you will receive an email with a survey that asks you about details (e.g. if you want to bring your kid(s) (name, age, level), and if you would like to volunteer as an instructor)

Who is attending the event?

Check the table below to see who has already registered for the Learn, Hack & Play Day(Friday)

Name Twitter Info Dinner

Check the table below to see who has already registered for #sitWDF (Saturday)

Name Twitter Info Dinner

Agenda: Learn Hack & Play Day, Friday January 13th

8:00 Check-In (Room WDF05 S3)
9:00 Intro to the day & Admin by Daniel Koller, Katarina Fischer (Room WDF05 S3)
09:20 Start ideation process & group building supported by DT staff (Room WDF05 S3)
10:30 Group work on IoT projects (Room C1.20, C2.14. C2.20, C2.22)
In parellel Design Thinking & d-shop sessions
16:30 Keynote by Tanja Rueckert EVP @SAP (Room WDF05 S3)
17:00 Presentations of IoT projects by all groups (Room WDF05 S3)
18:00 Winter BBQ Party @ ISZ
  • Agenda SAP Inside Track, Saturday January 14th

    8:00 Check-In(Room WDF05 S3)
    9:00 Intro by Daniel Koller, Katarina Fischer (Room WDF05 S3)
    09:30 Keynote:Success Factors for Innovation by Malin Liden (Room WDF05 S3)

    Track 1 : DEV

    Room WDF05 C2.20
    Time Title
    10:10 Clean Code with ABAP
    Jörg Brandeis
    11:05 DevOps@SAP Community
    by Sebastian Wolf
    12:00 Cultures@SAP and "Über den Tellerrand (Kochen)
    Masoumeh Moghaddam
    12:35 Lunch
    13:45 What the GIT?
    Hendrik Neumann
    14:40 Connecting BRFPlus to ABAP
    Andreas Gautsch
    15:25 Coffee Break
    15:45 GUI Designer
    Enno Wulff

    Track 2 : Data & Analytics / UI

    Room WDF05 C2.22
    Time Title
    10:10 Integrating SAP ABAP with Amazon Web Services
    Jordi Escoda
    11:05 Gentle introduction into geospatial data and processing on SAP HANA
    Vitaliy Rudnytskiy
    12:00 S/4HANA Analytics
    Dmitry Kuznetsov
    12:35 Lunch
    13:45 SAPUI5 Custom Controls
    Wouter Lemaire
    14:40 Extending SAP Cloud Solutions with SAP HANA Cloud Platform
    Tsovinar Chugaszyan, Ilian Alekov
    15:25 Coffee Break
    15:45 Wouldn't it be cool to design and wear your own t-shirts?
    Denise Nepraunig

    Track 3: Security/Mobile

    Room WDF05 C1.20
    Time Title
    10:10 Am I a Dinosaur?
    Helder Goncalves
    11:05 Security in 140 characters
    Frank Köhntopp
    12:00 How to learn with openSAP
    Clemens Link & Michaela Lämmler
    12:35 Lunch
    13:45 Build your first OData v4 service using code-based development
    Andre Fischer
    14:40 How to build an Amazon Alexa skill
    Daniel Koller
    15:25 Coffee Break
    15:45 News from IoT unit
    Karol Kalisz

    Track 4: New Stuff

    Room WDF05 C2.14
    Time Title
    10:10 Business Sketching
    Johanna Wittig
    11:05 Ask us about our work in SAP Support
    Sabine Schmitt & Tanja Plagemann
    12:00 Relax with Svea (Pilates)
    Svea Becker
    12:35 Lunch
    13:45 Building a Microservice on AWS
    Alexander von Loeffelholz
    14:40 SQL Anywhere - your flight mode DB server
    Volker Stöffler
    15:25 Coffee Break


    CLOSING (Room WDF05 S3)

    16:30 by Daniel Koller, Katarina Fischer / Beer & nibbles sponsored by EspressoTutorials


    We have already confirmed these awesome speakers for #sitWDF!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is there a code of conduct?

    We want the event to be fun and rewarding for everyone involved whether organiser, speaker, attendee or casual twitter observer. With this in mind, please take a moment to read the code of conduct we are using for our event here.

    Is there a dress code?

    The event takes place on a Friday & Saturday, so we definitely don't expect you to wear a tie. Extra points for UI5 or Metallica shirts though!

    Do you have hotel recommendations?

    Please check here

    What happens when I'm on the waiting list?

    You might still get a seat. We are trying to get a bit more space available. Also, some folks that have registered may eventually not be able to make it.


    English. We expect to have some friends of outside of Germany with us. (we may offer a simultaneous translation to Swabian and also Palatinate for the local participants)

    Who is Supporting

    Here is the full list of people that are helping us

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    For who

    All Community Members, no matter if you are developer, business consultant, architect – and with our new concept we also invite friends and colleagues and even family with no technical background. Share what you love by holding a session. Be curious to hear about new things & new insights and participate.

    Location / Address

    The facility is kindly sponsored by SAP SE:

      SAP SE, Walldorf
      Dietmar-Hopp-Allee 20
      69190 Walldorf

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    Use the #sitWDF #sitKids #SAPLearnHackPlay hashtag. We're also pretty sure there will be people taking some. Follow the #sitWDF #sitKids #SAPLearnHackPlay hashtag.

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